How do I cite images found in Canva or Adobe Express?
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2023 Views: 2378

Canva and Adobe Express both have built-in tools to help you find images to use in your projects. You'll still want to cite these images to the best of your abilities based on your instructors requirements. There is a way to find that information to complete your citations.


Before you add the image, select the three little dots on the image and you can find the image details. This will tell you the creator, the site the image is from, and any licensing restrictions.

Select the three dots icons in Canva next to an image and a window will appear with the image details including, usage, creator and website

Adobe Express

In Express, first add the picture to your project. Once the photo has been added, select the photo and click the little i icon that appears on the right. This will then tell you then creator, website and any licensing restrictions.

In Express, select the i icon on the right hand side image edit menu.

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